DIY: Ideas to Transform Your Patio

Making use of the space outside is a must in a country like Australia where the weather is so beautiful most of the year. Even in a climate where the weather is not sunny and warm all the time, you can make a patio space that is useful all year around, with a little know how, and some creative thinking. Here are some ideas to transform your patio.

Outdoor Living Room

Enclosing your patio will mean that you will be able to put chairs and tables out there that might not fare well if it is an open top patio. If you find that you make it as comfortable as possible then you will be more likely to use the space, rather than it just being a dead area that nobody uses. A nice garden furniture setting with some cushions and a day bed can completely transform a space to an area that you will enjoy all year around.

Expand Your Home

If you have a small home and feel that it is lacking in space, extending it out into your patio but turning it into a day sun room can really expand the amount of living space that you have available to you. Having French doors installed, or concertina doors that can fold right out of the way will open your space up and make it a lovely area to spend time in, day or night.

Functional Storage

Things like garden tools and hoses do not always have to be packed away in the shed, where you will have to get them out every time to use them. Similarly, these things do not always have to be on show. With a functional storage box, or bench you will be able to make use of that space by making it both a storage facility and a seat at the same time. Making better use of space is easy if you put in a little creative thought and energy into what you are going to put on your patio. STIHL has power tools that make it easy to knock up a lovely storage bench in next to no time.

Cooking Outdoors

Cooking does not always have to be done in the kitchen. Having cooking facilities outdoors will mean that when you have guests over you will be able to still be a part of the action, even when you are preparing the meal. Building a lovely wood fired oven is one way to completely transform your outdoor area and add value to your home. Your friends and family will look forward to your next invite for them to visit and enjoy the delicious barbecues or wood fired pizzas in the comfort of your outdoor kitchen.

Edible Garden

One lovely idea for a patio is to create an edible garden with different herbs and vegetables growing all around you. Not only will it provide you with the ability to pick fresh herbs when you are cooking but often the smell of having herbs there is a lovely addition to a space.

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