Credit card debt expected to increase – How to keep debts from piling up in 2012

Since the credit card debt kept burgeoning in the last year, the Americans have been more conscientious about their attempts to keep credit card debts at bay and fall back on their monthly credit card payments. This trend among the credit card holders is expected to grow as the balances will also increase throughout 2012. The credit quality of the consumers are likely to increase as the number of charged off accounts are expected to decrease by 15-20%, according to the data from Moody’s Investor Service. This is the reason why the credit card consolidation firms are gaining momentum and the debtors are running to get help from them in order to dodge the charge offs. Though the debtors have changed their habits of misusing their credit cards, yet there are no such noticeable results to be seen among them.

Some useful strategies to keep credit card debt from racking up

There are many reasons why you should start off with budgeting and get your personal finances under control. Unless you live under a rock, it’s only common sense to see where the economy is heading to and why the consumers are becoming too reliant on credit cards. Do not fall for the attractions of credit cards as they’ll turn to debt generators once you start depending on them. Here are some strategies to adopt in order to get out of credit card debt.

Double the minimum monthly payments: The banks and the financial institutions will ask you to make just the minimum monthly payments on the credit cards but if you’re clever enough, you should know that this is just a trap that you should avoid falling into. Save enough money and double the minimum monthly payments so that you can repay your credit card debt sooner and avoid racking up further interest rates. The sooner you can get rid of debt, the faster you can achieve financial freedom.

You may get help from a credit counselor: A credit counseling agency is a teaching organization that will teach you how to delete your financial worries by adopting a budget and some personal finance management techniques. After they check your present financial situation, they will craft a frugal budget so that you can easily follow it and stay on the right financial track. Only when they feel that you can’t handle your debts on your own, they will enroll you with a debt management program and make you pay the monthly payments on time without much stress.

You should stop using the credit cards: Once you decide moving on the right financial track, you have to make sure that you stop using your credit cards and use cash instead. Whenever you go for shopping, you should ensure stuffing your wallet with enough cash so that you don’t have to resort to credit for purchasing something. If needed, you should even cut off your credit cards and keep only one so that you don’t have to succumb to the temptation of using your credit cards.

Nothing can be worse than staying with credit card debt and hurting your credit score. If you want all the lenders to love you for your score, make sure you boost your credit score by repaying your debts. When repaying debt is impossible on your own, you can even get help from a credit card consolidation company. To know more, you may visit

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