Contact Lenses on a Shoe String Budget

In the current financial climate, it can feel as though you are squeezing every penny until it not so much hurts, as screams for mercy. It can seem tempting to allow reminders for costly eye check appointments to go unheeded, especially if your prescription is complex, or if you wear contact lenses. However, regular checkups are essential to pick up an early diagnosis of conditions such as glaucoma, or cataracts and eye problems can also be an early indicator of health issues elsewhere. However, once you’ve paid for your eye test, and have an up-to-date prescription in hand, you can make huge savings by purchasing contact lenses online. Despite the fact that caring for your eyes can be costly, it is incredibly important to make sure they are being looked after. Whilst you may want to go for contacts, some people will pay for laser vision correction surgery as it will benefit them greatly in the long run, however, if you have your heart set on contacts then going online may be the best bet for now.

Opticians are knowledgeable about the various budget glasses and contact lens providers currently operating online. They may caution against these options, emphasizing concerns about subpar and low-quality products. When you consult an eye doctor, such as a glaucoma eye specialist, they can also recommend the most suitable lenses for you, especially if you have underlying conditions like glaucoma, cataracts, or other eye-related issues. Additionally, opticians can offer valuable advice on how to maintain proper eye health and care for your lenses.

It’s easy to buy contact lenses on a shoestring budget – armed with an up-to-date prescription from your optician, and a little research to make sure you’re getting the exact same lenses you’d buy on the high street, you’re good to go. Any self-respecting online retailer will want to know the date of your last eye test, and may even check up on this before allowing you to buy, so don’t assume that your eyes have stayed the same, and skimp on that annual check up, as you may not be able to place your order.

A respected online retailer, such as Vision Direct (, will do all the work for you. On their homepage, you will see not only the major names in branded lenses, but an option for optician brands will guide you through the purchase of the exact same lenses your high street optician offers you, only at anything up to a 70% discount on the price.

With free delivery, an easy re-order facility, and a one-stop shop for solutions and other accessories, buying your lenses online couldn’t be easier or safer. With online factual articles on eye health, and even the possibility of emailing their own in-house optician with any questions, you can feel reassured that you’re doing the best for your eye health, and still making huge savings.

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