Chasing the Marienkäfer with the Bugs ‘n Bees Slot

Okay, so what on earth is a marienkäfer? I suppose since I’ve paired it with the name of a specific slots machine favourite of mine, you can sort of guess that it forms a specific part of that game. Well “marienkäfer” simply translates to ladybug or ladybird from German, but within the context of the Bugs ‘n Bees slot, the marienkäfer which I spend all day everyday chasing is nothing but the game’s catalyst – the bonus symbol.

For this particular game it is indeed all about the ladybug, but for us pro gamblers it is this main catalyst we seek out in each and every game we play as part of our arsenal of online platforms through which to generate an income. Of course this definitely applies within the walls of a physical casino as well – every game you play has that one thing; that one major event, symbol or signal which makes the game and accounts for the game’s pay-point.

Naturally as professional gamblers we do tend to prefer online games to those which are physically operated at some casino, quite simply because you tend to save a lot more time playing online. There are less distractions which would otherwise present themselves in the form of the concierge staff constantly bothering you with requests of whether or not you might want a drink or something and as much as it’s a lot of fun to socialise with other casino-goers, when it’s purely about the money as is the case with us pros, you want to be able to focus.

This doesn’t mean gambling online isn’t fun at all though, as you’ll come to learn for yourself if you visit and try your hand at the Bugs ‘n Bees slot. It is indeed just another one of the various iterations of slots machine type games, but there is definitely more than just a little dose of enjoyment to be had.

Add the fact that you’ll likely be playing for real money to the equation and you’ll become that much more engaged and personally I sometimes get lost in the game only to look up at the clock to find that I’ve spent quite a lot more time playing than I initially intended to, something which is usually a welcome realisation since getting lost in the game often means I’ve built up some sort of winning streak.

So yeah, that is indeed a secret among pro gamblers which they aren’t really willing to share freely, but it is indeed all about chasing the “ladybug” – chasing the game’s main character, theme, etc.

With this specific game however, while the bonus symbol in the form of the marienkäfer is your best buddy, its appearance and paring with other winning combinations isn’t the only way to win some good money. Bet low and the longer you play you develop a knack for being able to guestimate every cycle during which the marienkäfer is likely to make an appearance again, in which case you can then bet high to amass some possible mega winnings.

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