A new funding for lending bank scheme launched

Hard-pressed businesses who are finding it hard to get their hands on much-needed capital have been given a boost by the Bank of England, who have launched a new initiative designed to make access to below-market interest rate loans much easier. The Funding for Lending scheme (FLS) allows businesses and homeowners to take out loans without having to repay too much in interest, and was designed to boost lending to businesses. The Bank of England has made this initiative happen by lending money to financial institutions, who then lend that money to their customers.

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Make the most of your existing phone contract, and see the pennies rolling in – In partnership with billmonitor.com

Keeping track of how you use your mobile contract can be daunting. Many of us, scared of going over our allocated bundles, keep phone calls to a minimum, leaving a large chunk of our tariff unused; while others consistently exceed our data or minutes allowance and would benefit from going on a more comprehensive tariff to save money overall.

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Do I have to pay this expensive parking ticket?


Document Everything – Your First Line of Defense

As soon as you receive a ticket, document the details. Taking photographs is recommended, but if it is not possible, record as much information as possible. Where are you parked, exactly? If a meter is involved, what is on the display? Are there any signs posted, that you can see? What time of day is it? Is it a holiday? I’ve always found that being prepared with details helps me get out of many undesirable situations. Many people are caught off guard when you are very prepared, and that often works to your advantage. If you are reading this from home, all is not lost. Hop back in your vehicle, revisit the scene and take some pictures or notes. If that is not possible, run through it in your mind, and write down as much information as you can remember.

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