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A Beginner’s Guide to Bluebet App

Bluebet is a sports bookmaking app that facilitates users to bet on different sports events. It is an Australian based online service and allows users to bet on local as well as international sports events. Aside from sports betting, users can also join online casinos to play a variety of interesting games. Users can bet via their website or use mobile application on Android or iOS. Continue reading A Beginner’s Guide to Bluebet App

Chasing the Marienkäfer with the Bugs ‘n Bees Slot

Okay, so what on earth is a marienkäfer? I suppose since I’ve paired it with the name of a specific slots machine favourite of mine, you can sort of guess that it forms a specific part of that game. Well “marienkäfer” simply translates to ladybug or ladybird from German, but within the context of the Bugs ‘n Bees slot, the marienkäfer which I spend all day everyday chasing is nothing but the game’s catalyst – the bonus symbol. Continue reading Chasing the Marienkäfer with the Bugs ‘n Bees Slot

Enjoying Le Good Life at No Cost

Well the truth is that nothing which is said to be free really is completely free. It may be available at no cost to the recipient, but somewhere, somehow, somebody has to pay for it. So yes, there is such as thing as a free lunch, but the diner who does indeed benefit from that free lunch usually doesn’t really need to be eating for free (they can afford to feed themselves as much as they need to) or they enjoy that free lunch as a result of perhaps having dined at a specific restaurant for so long that the money which was made from them essentially covers what is resold to them as a “free lunch.” Continue reading Enjoying Le Good Life at No Cost

The History of Casinos

Since the dawn of time, people liked to compete against one another in various fields. Usually, these competitions involved different physical skills or intellectual abilities, but every now and then, they liked to test their fortune, as well. In the early days of civilization, they believed that this showed how much certain deities favored them, which made it into an almost religious-like game. While minor bets and guesses were practiced at nearly every occasion, ancient people soon realized that this simply isn’t enough. This is why they devised more complex games which would show just how much fortune they had. Once they started grouping at the designated spots to gamble, this was the birth of the institutions we now know as casinos, and the world was changed forever. Continue reading The History of Casinos