Car Insurance: Save Money on Any Car

It’s no secret that probably the biggest way of saving money on your car insurance is to buy a car in a low insurance group, but this isn’t something that a lot of people want to do. Some people like fast cars; that’s something that will never change. What do you do then, if your car has a high risk rating, and your renewal is eye-wateringly expensive? Some things you just can’t change, like your address and driving history, but there are a few things that you can tweak when it comes to getting that online quote. Remember that you must not under any circumstances lie, as this is insurance fraud, but there are little changes that you can make to bring costs down.

  • Parking – The place you park your car is very important, but things might actually surprise you. Logic would dictate that parking your car in a secure location will lower your premium. You can lower your premium by parking in a garage, whether it’s attached to your home, part of an apartment complex, or a rental. A house with side garage is especially secure since there is less risk of accidents happening in the driveway or on the street, as cars can enter and exit the garage without backing out into traffic. It can also improve the security of your home, as it can be more difficult for burglars to break into a side-entry garage than a front-entry garage. In the event that you don’t have enough space in your home for parking, you could rent a garage. Overall, choosing a garage, especially one with side entry, to park your car can really pay off by lowering your auto insurance premium.
  • Job Title – There are often many ways that you could describe your job, especially if it’s not given exactly as an option for you to choose. There can be huge differences in price depending on what you choose. A café worker and a waiter in a café could do exactly the same job, but the insurance prices might vary on this detail alone. Always be accurate, but check to see what job titles might bring prices down.
  • Named Drivers – Who have you put down as a named driver? Depending on your situation, named drivers can significantly impact your premium. If you’re a young or have recently passed your test, then adding experienced named drivers often reduces your premium. Alternatively, one of your named drivers could be pushing up the price. Do they really need to be there? Consider that many comprehensive policies will allow individuals to drive other cars.
  • Shop Around – Looking on one comparison site just isn’t good enough. You’ll only be able to compare most of the market if you use several of them. Always remember that there are some insurers who are not on these comparison sites, so you’ll have to go directly to them. was recently voted as one of the world’s best brands, and was the most popular car insurer, so that could be a good place to start.

There are of course many other ways of lowering your car insurance premium, but for the most part, they require significant changes to be made, which simply aren’t acceptable to most people. It’s all very well telling someone to build up a no-claims bonus, but this isn’t something immediately helpful. The above tips should help you save money without you having to make any drastic amendments; the savings can certainly add up to several hundred pounds if you’re a young driver.

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