Buying Twitter Followers: A Good Idea?

Organizations are beginning to purchase Twitter followers to increase their online presence. Companies are popping up that provide one service: a boost in your social media followers. Companies do this so they can maintain a consistent following of people who might eventually show an interest in their brand. However, are these fake followers worth it? Does this technique actually provide any return on your investment? Should you invest in having a company boost your Twitter followers, or should you focus on building your following organically?

How It Works

Growth companies like Enforce Social typically offer separate packages depending on the client. The client selects a preset package that indicates how many followers will be acquired and how long it will take. Some of these packages take 12 hours to complete, while others take up to three weeks. The company then shares the social media accounts with their database of accounts and attempts to build followers for the client.

The Cost

These companies offer a wide array of pricing options depending on the number of retweets and followers that are being obtained. Here is a list of potential prices from a company called FollowersBoost:

100 active followers – $9
10,000 active followers – $99
100,000 active followers – $399

It’s a Game of Numbers

It’s no wonder companies like FollowersBoost has been able to maintain a solid client list. Many companies see Twitter followers as a numbers game. If they have a large amount of followers and retweets they are happy. In fact, many customers see a large Twitter following as an indication of credibility. This allows companies to market their services or products to other customers, since they have gained credibility through followers.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Followers


There are a wide variety of aspects that make having a large Twitter following appealing to companies, such as:

Low cost
An immediate jump in numbers
More people jump on the bandwagon
Competitiveness with larger companies


Many customers can notice a company that purchased followers immediately. Purchasing Twitter followers has several downfalls, such as:

Negative impressions from customers
Little gain, except followers
Meaningless interactions
Possible dangers from spam bots
Risk of viruses for you and your customers
Spending money for a company that increases followers and not cash flow

The Final Conclusion on Purchasing Twitter Followers

When it comes to purchasing Twitter followers, parties are divided into two groups. Some people view it as unethical or shady, while others view it as a great way to gain followers fast. One thing is for sure: These companies are not going anywhere and social media still remains a wonderful way to get the word out about your company. Just be aware of companies trying to deceive you into believing that they’re something that they’re not. If you’re thinking about using Tweepi, for example, you should view reviews about Tweepi here first.

Naturally Find Twitter Followers

Companies that focus on providing customer service and personal interactions through Twitter can also see promising results. If you grow your following organically, you are more likely to develop meaningful relationship and gain followers who actually interact with your company. Build your social media following naturally by:

Offering links on your website to follow
Printing your handle on business documents
Posting quality content
Encouraging people to interact

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