Best Personal Finance Apps

With the advent of Smartphones – first 3G and now 4G – spectators have noted the explosion of Google and Apple’s respective app stores, which are selling hundreds and thousands of different kinds of apps for all kinds of purposes.

Of course, in this economic climate, it’s important to stay on top of your financial affairs, even when you’re out and about.

There is quite a large range of financial apps that are available to purchase or download free that can help you and yours stay on top of all things financial. You may be able to save yourself from having to Google, “sell iPad” by downloading some of the following apps.


This is a very nifty little app that allows you to stay on top of your budget. Included with its installation are: a built-in check register, a comprehensive notification system and online syncing.

Budget tracking is also possible with the app, meaning you can calculate anything from yearly to daily budgeting. After you’ve built a budget plan up, this app allows you to categorise expenses as you record them, even spitting out fancy-looking bar graphs for your perusal.

Adaptu Wallet

This is literally what it says – a mobile electronic wallet, which also happens to be able to store insurance and business cards. It brings up your latest account balances, as well as sending you reminders to pay outstanding bills.

Astonishingly, this app is both free as well as being ad-free. It even has the ability to predict your spending, splashing the predictions out on graphs for you.


OfficeTime is ideally suited to those who manage and run small businesses. This busy app can detect the amount of time you’ve been idle, and subtract that time or add it to another one of your projects, integrating with iCal calendar.

You can even watch graphs and reports change in real time. You can create files on each of your employees and assign them to different projects. You are allowed to get a good idea of progress on a project by a quick glance to the project file with OfficeTime.


Mint by far takes the cake with all personal financing apps. Like the other apps, it can print out your current account balance; however, it automatically updates your spending and transactions without any necessary input from the user. How does it do this? By having a direct connection to your bank account.

From monitoring your account to suspicious transactions, to calculating your spending and saving habits, this app dominates the market for personal finance apps. It can even give it your retirement information so that it may make even more detailed calculations and predictions for you.

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