A Beginner’s Guide to Bluebet App

Bluebet is a sports bookmaking app that facilitates users to bet on different sports events. It is an Australian based online service and allows users to bet on local as well as international sports events. Aside from sports betting, users can also join online casinos to play a variety of interesting games. Users can bet via their website or use mobile application on Android or iOS.


Talking about the history of Bluebet, it was launched in late 2015 and has since become one of the most popular betting apps in the country. The company was established with an initial investment of around $35 million. It facilitates users to enjoy betting from the comfort of their homes. All they need is an internet connection and they can easily use it on their mobile phones or computers.

The betting app is owned by Bluebet Pty Ltd and Michael Sullivan is its founder and Chief Executive Officer. Being the former CEO of Centrebet, William Hill Australia and Sportingbet, he is a well-known name in Australian sports betting industry. With an experience of more than 3 decades in betting industry, he launched Bluebet service to take on English owned bookmaking apps that are widely used in Australia.

Bluebet is a personalised betting service that offers an exceptional experience to users. They can choose from various sports events and invest any amount as per their budget. It is headquartered at Randwick Racecourse, which is located in the suburbs of Sydney, New South Wales.

Why You Should Give Bluebet a Try?

Easy Betting

Bluebet comes with a user friendly interface and is extremely easy to use. You can choose any sport or casino game and place your bet. You can use their website, mobile application or make a phone call for betting. It stays active 24/7, allowing users to actively engage in online betting and gambling anytime.


Bluebet is a safe service that protects the rights of the bookmaker as well as the client. It is approved by local government. All telephonic conversations between users and the representatives are recorded in a voice logging system that is approved by the government for safety purpose. New South Wales Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing is also authorised to check the information of users in real-time.

Bluebet is a member of New South Wales Bookmaker’s Cooperative, which ensures that winners will receive their earnings in a secure way. Whether you want to invest some money or withdraw your earnings, you do not need to worry about losing your money to hackers. It protects user information and encrypts it with advanced network protocols to keep it safe from unauthorised access.

Live Betting

Bluebet offers live betting feature that allows you to watch live game and place your bets in real time. The app is available for your mobile phone, which facilitates you to enjoy betting on the go. You can collect some information about players and find predictions on Bluebet social platform.

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