Avoidable Mistake when Renovating your Bathroom

Refitting your bathroom can be an incredibly stressful and expensive ordeal. As with the vast majority of refurbishment and building, time frames always extend and budgets are always broken. But wouldn’t you rather it was done properly with the possibility of it taking longer than getting it done as soon as possible, only to be faced with further problems that will need fixing further down the line? For example, jobs such as the plumbing need meticulous attention, and companies like https://makeitdrainplumbing.com/ are known to complete any job they have to the highest quality. And they can do the same for you, provided that you have patience with the process. Yes, it will take time, but it is the way it is.

With that being said, there are a number of easily avoidable mistakes and more often than not, these factors can slip your mind whilst in the frantic hustle and bustle of refurbishing your bathroom.

Shower Alternatives

Showers can be rather expensive to install if one cannot find the right plumbing service, such as the ones similar to Waukesha Shower Plumbing Services or their likes. Because of this people sometimes opt for a standard ‘mixer’ shower instead of an electric or thermostatic shower. It is always worth spending more on your shower. Simple mixer showers are very hit and miss, they do not work on certain types of boilers and have very basic temperature regulators. As such, when the cold water suddenly decreases because someone turns a tap on or flushes the toilet you suddenly find yourself standing under what feels like a waterfall of lava. This does not happen with thermostatic showers as they regulate fluctuations, and electric showers are great for when that pesky boiler isn’t working! It is certainly worth spending more on your shower as, at least for me that is, a crucial instrument in my daily wake up routine. Remember, if you are installing an electric shower or any other electrical outlets in your bathroom, you should have ground fault circuit interrupters installed as a safety precaution. You can find out more about them and how to have them installed over at this site.

Sink Height

This entirely depends on your sink using technique. The mistake people make is to get tall sinks or positioning a normal sink too high. This may not sound like a big deal, but it is incredibly irritating. Imagine the top of a normal sink being at about waist level, well now it is a few inches higher – and everyone knows that inches count. Jokes aside, a higher sink makes it very awkward to get your cupped hands under the flowing water (if that is your style), and don’t even think about getting your mouth under the tap. Not going to happen. The majority of the time that people make these mistakes it is due to them sacrificing usability for aesthetics. Just take the middle ground and make your life that much easier.

Shower Curtain

The days of shower curtains are gone, just accept it. A glass partition is much more aesthetically pleasing and it doesn’t stick to your legs, potentially causing a terrible slow motion fall where you desperately clutch at the cold, wet shower curtain. Plus you can rest assured that no one is sneaking up on you if you have a glass partition! On a serious note, shower curtains are an eyesore and not particularly effective. Just make sure that when you install your glass screen it is done properly and is flush to the wall. In this way you will not only retain more heat in your little enclosure whilst showering, but will also have a much nicer shower environment.

It is often the little things that make the difference, or the little mistakes that stand out in a big way. For instance, if you have ever been sitting on the toilet and then realised that the toilet roll holder is 30cm out of reach you will know what I mean. Get the small things right and your bathroom will not only be functional, but will hopefully look nice as well! Decide on designs by visiting sites such as www.homesupply.co.uk where you can browse the categories and compare prices.

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