Alternative Ways To Earn A Little Extra Cash in 2013

It’s no secret that our current economic and financial climate is in turmoil – in fact, it’s been an ongoing problem for many years now. Jobs are hard to get, getting your foot on the property ladder seems next to impossible, and any extra income you seem to manage to get your hands on just goes flying out of your account as quickly as it enters in.

And, despite being at the start of a brand new year, it doesn’t seem like this will be changing anytime soon. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just wave a magic wand to solve all of your financial problems, or at least wouldn’t it be great if you could get (and keep!) your hands on a little extra cash to at least help them?

Well, although I won’t be able to wave a magic wand, I may just be able to solve the latter. Because there are 5 simple ways that you may just be able to earn a little extra cash for 2013:

1. Get Creative

If you’ve got a natural knack for being creative; whether it may mean being particularly arty, enjoying a spot of photography, or loving making fashion and jewellery items, then you may just be able to make a little living out of it.

Because, the Internet plays host to a variety of handmade marketplaces that allow creatives like you to market and sell their products to the whole world, thus, helping them to make a little extra cash by doing so.

All you’d need to do this is some of your natural talent, a creative thinking cap, a bundle of materials, a PayPal account, and the ability to pack and send your orders. All that’s left to do is then simply watch as the orders (and the money!) come rolling in!

2. Develop Your Hobby

If you’ve got a little hobby that helps you to unwind and relax with from time to time, then there may just be a little money-making idea in there too. For example, many people find great enjoyment in playing online games over the Internet, such as bingo, where you can earn cash as you play. And, by using the same example, if you decide to play online bingo in January this month, you could gain yourself some promotional vouchers, discounts, or even points, that you can accumulate over time to spend on your favourite product or store during the year.

3. Sales Representative

If you’re outgoing and have a little spare time in the evenings after work, why not use them and sign up to become a local sales representative?

Because, from selling beauty and baby-related products to cookware and electronics, many reputable companies offer the ability to earn between 10% and 40% commission through door-to-door catalog selling, if you decide to do so. This is a particularly effective way to earn a little extra money by also ensuring that doing so won’t interfere with your normal day job.

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