Advantage Gambling Play Returns – May 2013

May Returns:

Titan misc 12.83
BF FO 3.64
TGT cashback 5
Bet365 4/1 6.24
WillHill mobile sec 12.65
Betfred/Totesport E/O Dawn 32
Tomwaterhouse 5.58
Ladbrokes Dawn 47.10
Racebets BTT 30
188 10% mobile 85.16
Canbet reload 96.60
Betbright 4.72
Winner survey 7.30
Winner horses ref if sec 48.56
Skrill cb 85
Betfair tiger 17.46
Betfair tennis 20.27
Coral cc 15.05
Unibet eurovision 7.80
Expekt hockey 21.55
Arbs 158.02
Misc ‘if’ losses (127.58)

Bet770 2.19
Expekt mobile 9.30
WillHill PP 10.80
Unibet countdown 7.10
Totesport games (3.38)
‘if’ losses (35.52)

FA Cup:
BetMclean if 84.27
Portland e/o 43.70
Betbutler if 22.20
188 HB 90.87
Heavenbet ref if City win 39.60
Ladbrokes ref 15.51
Betfair arcade 6.80
Jennings ref 15.64

Winner ref if ronnie 80
Unibet ref if final 16.04
Betfair refund if ronnie 12
Betfred/Totesport ref if Robertson (35.90)
90Dakika e/o 73.25
Barone ref if ronnie 89.78
Lays on ronnie (106.98)
Ladbrokes 38.58

Betfair FS 7.05
Betfair Exch 6.94
WillHill misc 499.20
Mecca irish 5.45
Gala 3
Totesport game 21.47
Coral happy 11.98
188 (50)

Total £1,657.89
YTD £10,044.56
MTH AVE £2,008.91

Another month in the books. A month when City broke my heart but the Wigan ‘if’ bets if not helping with my pain, at least paying for the day! Some good results with William Hill games, spending one Saturday morning grinding bouncy balls (which is almost as excruciating as it sounds..).

I had 10 days away during the month and to be honest I have found it very hard to get back into the swing of things. I didn’t miss it when I was away-although perhaps that is a good thing.

Onto June and with no dollars (other than those still missing in action with 24sportsweb) there will be no MLB profits to take up the slack.

I will leave you with a little snap of me with my mum, niece and bert senior after a meal in Spain.

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