Advantage Gambling Play Returns – May 2012

May Returns:

WBX City 2.80
Coral high 5 24.89
Unibet eurovision 6.82
Bet770 reload 47.89
WillHill mobile FA Cup 3.56
Betfair IPL 165.62
Ladbrokes Falcao 39.50
Ladbrokes cricket strauss 93
Titanbet Falcao 37.60
BAH 4.89
Betfair kempton 109.21
Moneybookers cb 320

Dean 18.89
Riband 72.89

BetUS 231
Betonline 80
Sportsbetting 112

Betfair exchange 28.10
Betfair arcade 5
WillHill misc 58.60
188bet (50) lost double up
Footballpools 23.50
Vernons/Footballpools 41.29

Misc losses on ‘if’ bets (179.61)
trading loss on City winning the league (270)

Total £1,027.44

YTD £12,390.82

Well all in all a pretty rubbish month betting wise. City won the league which cost me financially and emotionally as I was a wreck for the next 10 days or so trying to take it all in. I could have got out of my trading loss quite easily but to be honest it never ever crossed my mind amid the chaos and drama of the last day.

Along with my house move I have found for the first time in over 5 years that my interest has waned dramatically-and as a consequence, poor decision-making and impatience have crept into my game. I have always prided myself in being very level headed and calculated at this so I need to re-focus in June. I’m currently using two cups and a piece of string for my internet access making it a particularly frustrating time. In other news, my house is wonderful-a significant chunk of it having been paid for by this lark.

Anyway, June is shaping up to be a busy month with the Euros. Lots of offers on the go and my wallchart in place, I’m hoping for an enjoyable and profitable few weeks.

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