Advantage Gambling Play Returns – April 2013

April’s Returns:

Betbright 2.60
Titan misc 30.26
Betsson reload 12.05
188 mobile 41.30
Racebets BTT 23.21
Tomwaterhouse misc 63.20
WillHill mobile ref sec 43.80
Ladbrokes City 9.61
Ladbrokes ooc 24.51
Moneybookers cb 85
Bulldog reload 180.80
BRK 7.40
Canbet reload 238.50
Arbs/Sharbs 265.57
(misc losses, ‘if’ bets 196.59)

Lsbet 80
Jennings FB 18.28
Betstar GN FB 5.64
Betfair Mag 7 4
(if 8.38)

Betmclean 5.93
Hititbet 64.56
Lsbet 72.01
18bet 40.30
88Asia88 72.18
Exclusivebet 31.34
90dakika 51.14
Apollobet 15.39
Apollobet new acct set up 3.82
Goalbet 30.27

Totesport game 46.22
WillHill misc 203.55
Gala RF 10.20
Ladbrokes mini 16.10
Betfair exchange 13.38
Coral comic 55.43
Grosvenor easter/migration 49.20
Bet365 bingo 49.15
Bet365 16.25
Coral voucher RR 118.38
FBP/V 7.80
(misc losses 35.45)

Total £1,867.91

YTD: £8,386.71
MTH AVE: £2,096.67

MTH AVE over the 6 years, 2 months at this lark: £1,704.38 which shows consistent profits and longevity are very much possible.

A good month for me with a number of new sign ups boosting profits and some decent casino/games returns. Nothing from offshore books which continues a downward trend. I am still chasing my missing money from 24Sportsweb and in reality risk has now outweighed reward.

On to May with the Champions League Final, The Fa Cup Final (C’mon City!) and the conclusion of the Snooker.

As always only risk what you can afford; the recent debacle for some at Mooregames reminding us that money management and exposure to risk are key elements to this.

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