A guide to Cheaper Contact Lenses

Are you struggling with the expenses for your lenses? Would you like to save and get the same quality? Here is a quick guide on how to save and find the cheapest contact lenses out there!

1. Lenses are sold with a prescription that opticians are obliged to give you. This prescription, can be used to get lenses online at a fraction of the cost you would pay for from a high street retailer.
Online respectable providers will ask for a prescription in order to land you the contact lenses you’ve been fitted for, and you will have to assure that the prescription has been given within this year.
Be careful though to choose which retailer to rely on, as some companies try to trick UK laws by purchasing lenses from abroad, which would make you not eligible to be protected under UK consumer rights if anything went wrong.

2. Check your sight regularly. No matter where you buy your lenses, it’s always important to have your sight checked often to be assured you’re experiencing no problems with your new asset of lenses. Perhaps some people could consider visiting https://sharpe-vision.com/ to get their lenses checked. They could even discuss laser eye surgery so they wouldn’t have to use the lenses. There are many ways eyes can be damaged after all, especially in this day and age when the majority of our time is spent looking at a screen. Luckily there are also many a helpful site where people can access blue light glasses and help with the flickering that is experienced when looking at a screen. There is always a lot of advice on the internet for issues like this but with prescription contact lenses and glasses, a professional optician is always the safest bet.

In this case, the additional expenses for aftercare are evened out by what you save when buying lenses online (another good point to opt for the cheapest contact lenses out there!).
A meeting with your optometrist will cost between 15 and $30. He or she will advise you on what contact lenses are the best fit for you, how many appointments you need to get regular reports on your situation and what to do if you experience any change in your vision and how you feel in your eyes. Contact lenses tend to be made in labs, which can sometimes be discounted for optometrists who are a part of optometry buying groups, which in turn might reduce the cost of your purchase as well. Although, you would have to confirm that with the eye doctor. Your vision information will go to this lab and you should receive your lenses in a short duration.

3. Different brand, same lenses? Some branded contact lenses are produced by the same manufacturer and then packaged differently for each company, but features and quality remain the same. You can always ask for the manufacturer’s cheaper options, despite the fact that your contact lenses belong to a well known brand. While going for your own brand lenses, you could stumble upon the cheapest contact lenses out there!

4. Direct debit schemes can be too expensive. Buying contact lenses requires to stick to a monthly direct debit scheme that includes lenses, solution and check ups for a given fee. Yet many time you can find the same plan for less online by splitting payments for lenses and solution on one side, and aftercare on the other. You better check the best online offers available. For example, going for a 1-Day Acuvue toric lenses asks for 40/month according to Specsavers’ monthly scheme, while Boots’ scheme requires a monthly investment of 43 . Online retailers can offer you a year’s supply for 425 circa. Besides aftercare, you can still save 20- 50.

5. Claim costs back . Healthcare Cashplans give you the possibility to claim expenses for dental, optical and other types of healthcare, you have to sign for an insurance policy that takes action when you have to face healthcare costs. You set a monthly payment and when you are under a certain treatment and you have to pay you can reclaim a percentage of the costs, or as much as allowed by a pre-determined maximum.

6. A final tip : how can a seller state to be legit? Online contact lenses retailers must employ in their selling network optical professional, as stated by the General Optical Council and UK regulations. Every UK optician is a registered member of the General Optical Council, so by checking their register you can find out if the company’s information are true about which optician is involved in their work.

This are the main pieces of advice when shopping for more affordable contact lenses, you can always split lenses and aftercare costs, be careful to your safety and keep in mind to always check the internet for the cheapest contact lenses out there!

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