A family: money issues to consider

PERCY SAYS… A family is about being together, sharing things and having one or several common goals. Usually, one of these goals is to save money that you can later use for various things and in different situations. The saving however is a tricky process when you have kids, so you need to be extra prepared if that is the situation. It would a good thing for you to make a list and follow the rules and tips that you have inscribed there. Note that you need to make a good plan for the family budget along with your partner, so that everybody can be happy, including the monthly bills, possible holidays,etc.

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Among the first things that you have to arrange when in a family and when you have kids, is to organize a life insurance. This might seem far from you, but many kids lose their parents before they finish their education and thus this is something that you have to consider doing. Thus, if something bad happens to you, that life insurance will protect the members of your family, who will receive a fixed amount. It is also advisable to make a will. A good thing a family should do in order to save money is to concentrate at their life at home – prepare healthy food and forget about the fast food chains. Getting a home meal will keep the family together around the table and in a good health.

Another thing that you can save money from are the free or cheap camps that are organized at school for your kids. By signing them for such a holiday, the kids will be relaxed and happy with all the outdoor activities and you will save money on bring them on an expensive holiday. You can also use the different sports schemes and programs that are available at your children’s school. As you still should keep your kids happy and involved, a nice and free experience is to bring them on recordings of different TV shows. In case that you have more time and you want to educate your kids and entertain them at the same time, you can bring them to the galleries and museums in your town, most of which have free or very cheap entrance for the children. In every city are also being organized various outdoor festivals, which are interesting for the small ones and are free as well.

You should also stay informed on different free check-ups for your kids that could include medical and dental care. However, if they need extensive work done, or you do, then you may want to check out a local Fulham Dentist or a dentist where you currently live, to be seen asap. Medical and dental emergencies will happen, so you need to make provisions for that. For small procedures like clean-ups, fillings and more, you’d not have to shell out too much. But there are also out-of-turn procedures to contend with in the event of an emergency. Case in point being treatments or procedures when met with an accident. This could range from simple wound dressing to dental procedure in case of chipped or lost teeth (dental implant prices will vary, hence it is worth the consideration) and everything else in between. These are just a few situations that warrant setting aside money to foot untimely expenses.

There is yet one important thing that you should teach your kids and this is how to use money. Forming the right cash skills is very important and thus you can start by giving pocket money to your little ones as a kind of pay. In this way you will teach your kids what regular income is and they will find out the difference between saving and spending that will help them in the future.

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