5 Business Tips We Can Learn From Casinos

In this age of austerity it can feel like we are all struggling to keep our heads above water; with businesses working harder than ever, knowing how we can change our plans to fit in with this new age can be extremely confusing. There is one market however, that has adapted and grown within a turbulent world – the Casino. Yes, the bright lights and utter decadence has seemingly outlived the financial downturn in ways that make it appear to have been untouched. The question is; how have they managed this feat? The answer is simple, they have looked, listened and learned from their consumers and adapted accordingly.

Here are 5 ways that your business can learn from the ways in which casinos are run.

1. It’s all about the up-sell

Whether you are visiting a real life casino, or a player joining in online, casino’s value the up-sell almost as much as their product. Once you step foot through the door of a casino, it is going to be very difficult for you to leave because they simply don’t want you to. In physical casino’s, you will notice that when you win you are encouraged to spend your money on drinks, food and more game play. Constantly up-selling their offerings in such a way that you won’t even know they are doing it. If you are playing at an online casino you will notice that there is no difference AT ALL. Once you have finished your favourite game, you will notice deals for extra levels or spins, bonus time features and recommendations of other games you may enjoy. These are purposely placed to keep you with them – clever indeed. To learn more and witness this for yourself why not visit http://www.intertopscasino.com/ and join in the fun!

2. Sensory Overload

Casino’s are well known for their bright lights, colourful characters and enticing surroundings. You may believe that this is just coincidence, but believe me it’s not. It’s a very clever way of engaging all their customers senses to help them enjoy their experience and spend money – which is the founding point of business.  Again, this is also replicated across online casino’s with the use of graphics, animations, sounds and real feel gaming. have a look at your business and see if by adding in certain aspects of the senses, it could help with your growth.

3. Constantly encourage repeat business

Ok, so this does depend upon the type of business you own, but the majority of businesses all need/want repeat business to keep the company ticking over. Repeat business is exactly what casinos do to the max and not only do they do it well, the customers won’t even realise it’s happening. To keep their customers flowing back casino’s use a variety of marketing tactics to keep their guests entertained whilst they are there and get them to return. this is mainly completed through email marketing and social networking, offering their customers promotion after promotion and discounts for their next visit.

4. Always remember the end goal

The end goal of any casino is to keep their guests at the machines, bars and restaurants. This is completed using the up-selling we have described and some really fun psychological tricks. You will notice that in real life casino’s there are no clocks – this is not just a decorating choice, this is to stop their customers knowing how long they have been playing. This gives the casino more time to entice you to play new games and also eat during your visit – time simply doesn’t exist. This is a great trick that you can employ. When you are meeting clients it is worth removing all clocks from meeting rooms and have coffee half way through the meeting – thus keeping them there for longer!

5. Be as accessible as possible

Finally, one thing that all forms of casino’s do impeccably is offer a huge variety of games with differing skill levels. It appears that they leave no one out, from the novice all the way up to the professional poker player. Whatever style of business you have, it may be worth considering whether indeed you have covered all your bases.

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