How Casinos Are Saving Money and Energy

For someone concerned about green energy, the Las Vegas Strip is a nightmare. The sheer amount of power that goes into lighting up all those neon signs night after night is astonishing. That’s before you even get inside: the air-conditioning which is in use for the majority of the year is another major power-drain. In 2007, Forbes claimed that Las Vegas as a whole uses 5,600MW on a summer’s day and that the Strip accounts for 20% of this demand. Very roughly, that’s the output of a large coal plant or medium nuclear plant. So what can casinos do to lessen their energy consumption and become greener?

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How to Improve Your Credit Rating

A credit report track all of you financial interactions, such as the amount of various loans you have out, payments made on those loans and other bills, and information about your credit cards. Lender typically obtain your credit report as a means of determining how likely you would be at being able to repay a loan, if they offered you one. These lenders look closely at your credit rating, which is a calculation used to score your credit worthiness.

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Advantage Gambling Play Returns – October 2013

October’s returns:

Moneybookers cb 44
Comeon multi 41.52
Coral FBFW 31.13
Coral price bomb 2.61
Jennings Arc 19.34
32Red horse 4 12.48
Ladbrokes OOC 42.70
Tomwaterhouse NRL 11.71
Tomwaterhouse horses 20.26
Tomwaterhouse $5 2.96
Neteller RAF 10
Betfair Caul 27
Betfair MV 20
Betfair mobile 49.03
Betfair horses 40.17
Betfair autumn cash 10
Unibet RF 3.67
Unibet SG 22.06
138Sun 5/10 for 25 15.69
138Sun Newc 22.30
Racebets BTT 10
Totesport ref if 9.14
188bet mobile 2.34
188bet UCL 9.57
188bet RAF 10
Uwin reload 52.17
Betbright reloads 73.12
Smarkets TGT 17.17
Totesport ref if 27.89
Betbutler reload 172.18
Youwin live 7.02
Youwin FB 6.16
Youwin FB 5.46
Youwin FB 6.53
Winner FB 5.60
Arbs/Sharbs 77.10
Mic Losses, ‘if’ bets (92.16)

Betrally 36.22
Genting 19.65

TheGreek 55
Sportsbetting 188
Betonline 259
Belmont 64
Sportsbook 77

WilliamHill misc 137.60
Skyvegas misc 35.55
Totesport Vettel 3.05
Totesport RR 13.50
Totesport DOND 4.75
Bet365 12.35
Bet365 bingo slots 19
Vernons 4.50
Betfair BJ 7
Coral casino 135.20
Coral shop voucher 2
Coral Halloween 54.60
Coral mini 28.30
Coral betandspin 9.89
Grosvenor 3.25
Betfred 20
Misc Losses (33.67)

YTD: £23,731.75
MTH AVE: £2,373.18

A good return from what felt like a slow month. I find that focusing on ‘doing the right thing’, never ignoring a profitable offer, no matter how small, means that lots of small amounts can quickly add up. Return per hour rather than per offer is the way I try to view things.

Healthy profits from offshore but with MLB finishing things tend to tail off for me in that area.

Onto November and still plenty to go at. I am only a few hundred away from having my best year at this, and now closing on 7 years shows that it is sustainable.